This is an advanced course, which trains the students mainly how to assemble a personal computer (PC), troubleshooting with operating system, networking with another PC, operating system installation, troubleshooting with hardware components.Their computer hardware training courses are designed to aid the job seekers. There are courses for beginners and certificate courses too. Take a peep into the course structure and enroll for the one you think suits you the best.

Computer Architecture up to Pentium 4computer hardware
Switch Mode Power Supply AT & ATX.
Motherboard & Microprocessors up to P4
Mouse, Scanner, Printer & Modem
Assembling of Computer up to P4
Upgradation of Computers
BIOS, CMOS setting, HDD Partitions, FDISK
Installation of O/S Win 95/98, Win 2000
Installation of Modern, Sound, VGA Adapter
Installation & Configuration of Internet
Installation of Multimedia
Preventive Maintenance
Diagnostic Packages for Troubleshooting
Formatting, System Transfer, Backup & Restore
Concept of LAN & Overview of Networking
Computer Viruses & Virus handling
Troubleshooting & Fault Diagnosis
Repairing of faults & Testing
Device Manager
Resolving IRQ Conflicts
Diagnostic System Doctor